Function of Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce

To attract foreign investment in China and promote China's overseas investment according to China's "Bringing-in" and "Going global" policies as follows:

1. Implement strategies, programs and guidelines for attraction of foreign investment and promotion of overseas investment.

2. Develop and lead the implementation of the programs, plans and proposals on industrial investment promotion, establish and operate industrial investment promotion committees and provide investment promotion services for Chinese and foreign companies.

3. Guide the work of investment promotion agencies in all regions, carry out investment promotion activities in cooperate with local governments and other departments, institutions and enterprises, establish contact mechanisms with China's overseas companies, participate in activities of bilateral and multi-bilateral investment working mechanisms, establish cooperation mechanisms with overseas investment promotion agencies and business associations and organize relevant activities, carry out investment promotion in cooperation with relevant international economic organizations, and participate and play an active role in relevant activities of global investment promotion organizations and associations.

4. Promote investment in industrial parks at all levels, such as national economic and technological development zones and border (cross-border) economic cooperation zones according to the development strategy of the development zones and the industrial planning of each industrial park.

5. Organize activities to promote the cross-regional investment projects and the “bringing-in” and “going global” policies, organize and coordinate the investment promotion sponsored or co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, organize “China International Fair for Investment and Trade ” and “Central China Investment and Trade Expo"; and organize and coordinate relevant international exhibitions.

6. Develop and manage investment promotion websites such as “China Investment Guide” and “Investment Project Information Database”, provide public information and consulting services for foreign and China's overseas investment projects, develop, operate, manage and coordinate national online investment promotion and organize online Investment promotion activities.

7. Conduct research on two-way investment to provide information basis for policy-making; prepare and publish investment promotion documents and publications.

8. Organize training courses in China and abroad for foreign and China's overseas investment projects.

9. Implement the Sino-Korean mutual employment project.

10. Promote investment in industrial transfer and manage the Industrial Transfer Promotion Center and the Complaint Center for National Foreign Enterprises on daily basis.

11. Establish or co-establish organizations for investment in China and abroad.

12. Complete other tasks assigned by the Ministry of Commerce.